About us

In Mila Tour Guide, we pride ourselves in providing art experiences and authentic cultural in the vibrant city of Lima, Peru. Our vision is to bring our visitors beyond the traditional tourist tours and connect them with a different reality: the richness of the culture shipibo. We work in close collaboration with local artists, as Wilma Maynas and David Nunta, of the indigenous shipibo of the Rimac, who share their ancestral art and his passion for the dissemination of their cultural heritage


Responsible Travel

In Mila Tour Guide, each trip is an opportunity to connect deeply with the people and the places you visit. Our focus on sustainable tourism ensures that your experience is not only memorable, but also beneficial to the environment and the communities that you know.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

We collaborate with local communities to ensure that the revenues from tourism are distributed equitably, contributing to the quality of life of those who need it most. We support entrepreneurs, we collaborate with local businesses and community projects, creating opportunity for sustainable income

We offer fair working conditions, safe and motivating for our employees, promoting their professional and personal development. We encourage the recruitment of providers and local services, strengthening the regional economy, and contributing to the sustainable economic growth

Design touristic experiences that respect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of our cities and communities. We implement sustainable practices in all our operations, while minimizing our environmental footprint and promoting the responsible use of resources.

Our History

Our story began with a deep personal connection with the arts of Peru. Provego of a family of artists, afro-peruvian and I have studied at the school of fine arts. Inspired by this artistic heritage and my commitment to sustainable tourism, the idea was born to offer something different, more authentic and oriented to emerging artists. We do not fit into the traditional tours, and we decided to open our way in the tourism experiences, where travelers seek actual connections and enriching.

In Mila Tour Guide, we are happy to share with you our passion for the art and culture of peru. With us, you'll be able to live an unforgettable experience, discovering the authenticity of Lima and connecting with the community shipibo in the district of Rímac. Each step we take is guided by the commitment to preserving the culture, the respect for the environment and the well-being of local communities. Join us on this special trip that will leave lasting memories, and a genuine connection with the soul of Lima, Peru. What are you waiting with open arms!

Mila Fields Llontop

ESSNA Code of Conduct

We do not promote or allow the sexual exploitation of girls, boys, and adolescents.

At Mila Tour Guide, we do not promote or allow the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, nor any other criminal activity of which we become aware in the course of our operations, as provided by Law No. 29408.

If you are aware of any case of sexual exploitation of minors under 18, do not hesitate to report it!

Your report can be anonymous if you prefer.

Discover a unique Experience in Peru

Dive into a unique experience in Lima! With our tour you Experience the indigenous art in the community shipibo of Lima," you will know the authenticity of Cantagallo and their ancestral art. Book now and supports the sustainable tourism while exploring the cultural richness of Lima.